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Things that make me go "Ooo!"
storms, books, tattoos, traveling (especially if it involves Scotland, Japan, Paris, or Hawaii), fantasies about vampires, Johnny Depp (oooh imagine him as a vampire?!), and yum, Professor Snape (who, of course, is innocent, in a manner of speaking, mostly).

My Dogs
I love my dogs Max & Wolf.

100+ Things
Wolf's Page on Dogster
Max's Page on Dogster
Frappr map (add yourself!)
My old Blogspot blog
I Watch
My two must sees:

Mon - 9 pm - 24. This season isn't quite as good a previous ones, a bit of a disappointment, actually!

Mon - 9 pm - Heroes. My favorite character is Hiro...but Mohinder is HOT! Thank [insert diety here] for Tivo!!!

Wed - 8pm - Lost. OMG I haven't been this hooked on a tv show since ER. Sawyer...such yummy eye candy :-)

I'm also enjoying Supernatural, My Name is Earl, Miami Ink, Everybody Hates Chris...and...I hate to say it...CSI.

I Wish
Wish List
My Wishlist

Bath & Body Works:
~Sandalwood Rose Body Lotion & Body Wash
~Jasmine Vanilla Body Lotion & Body Wash
~Henri Bendel NY Candles: Firewood & Amber scents

Yankee Candle:
~ Autumn Lodge

Williams Sonoma:
~ Spiced Chestnut Essential Oil Collection
~ Winter Forest Essential Oil Collection


flip flops / edamame / camera and lenses and filters, oh my / Guinness / Boddington's / Led Zeppelin / diet Coke w/lime (& Myers Rum!) / Kraft mac & cheese (or Cobbie's mac & cheese!) / Lost / the scent of lilacs / Don the vampire / the ocean / Severus Snape! / xxxtra dirty martinis / impatiently awaiting the LAST Harry Potter book (sob)! / Julia Child and this cooking project

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That's Jules on the left ;-)

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